Swimming In The Zone

About the mural

In the piece Swimming in the Zone, youthful swimmers float across the Canadian Continental Divide in a dramatic “Sky Tube”. Located at the Westside Recreation Center in Calgary, Canada, this piece was designed to attract the youth going to the centre, as an amazing watercourse that tunnels through the peaks of Banff National Park and bridges great vistas of the spectacular ecosystems and glorious mountains.

The wow factor has not only been met with enthusiasm from the younger crowd, but also has caught the attention of all ages. For the artists that assisted with this project, and myself, we find that taking this fantasy floating tour through the peaks is an inspirational and incredible ride.

Commissioned by // Calgary Arts Commission

Site // Westside Recreation Centre

Address // 2000 69 St SW, Calgary, AB T3H 4V7, Canada

Year // 2010

Other views

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