Siete Punto Uno

About the mural

This mural was painted in the aftermath of the 7.1 Loma Prieta Earthquake and the rebuilding of Los Gatos. The quake’s breakthrough wall provides a vision into the past. Our earliest heritage here, other than the Ohlone coastal tribes, is from the people that arrived here from the south (not the east). Many of their ancestors believed that the Jaguar God – a powerful dark counterpart to Quetzalcoatl – caused earthquakes. The pre-Colombian mural-within-the-mural depicts the Jaguar creating the quake in Los Gatos, knocking most of the Beckwith building down — the building this mural is on! For our artist from the south, this was a broken wall vision into the future, 1000 years ago. The upside of this time loop is that the butterfly in the Jaguar’s hand is the symbol of rebirth.

Site // Downtown Los Gatos

Address // 47 E Main St, Los Gatos, CA 95030

Other views

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