About the mural

This light-filled “space” is designed to provide healing energy. As waiting patients contemplate the orb sculpture, they visually wander into the lighter marble shapes discovering that the inner core creates the image of a family group. Continuing to explore, they will also notice the subtle inscribed shapes of earth’s geography on the bronze surface.

And there is plenty of concept: The family is metaphorically at the center of the world, even the glow of the blue sky seems to emanate from the inner core of the sphere. Then, sprouting from this seed, the leaves unite our differences like connective tissues of an ultimate family tree. A natural progression from the idea is that humanity is really a large global family, that all men and women of the Earth are brothers and sisters.

Commissioned by // Florida Art in State Buildings

Site // Florida Department of Health, Sarasota County

Address // 2200 Ringling Blvd, Sarasota, FL 34237

Year // 2005

Other views

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