Light Walk

About the mural

The air is luminous in these subterranean gardens. A timeless dawn is calling you.

Located in the patient area of Oncology, this piece was designed to create a healing and reflective environment. The viewer is invited on a dream quest into this exotic underworld – a spiritual path with reflecting pools, sacred sculptures and bridges that lead up into the tops of trees.

Before the moss wall stands a young woman of bronze in sublime rapture. On the left, as homage to Rodin’s sculpture of Victor Hugo, is a prophet of white marble. Perhaps during this great man’s meditation he might say to us: “This is only an infinitesimal piece of this path –for we can not see the beginning or the end of it. Yet, in this moment – if fully embraced – it is infinite.”

Commissioned by // Palo Alto Medical Foundation

Site // Palo Alto Medical Foundation

Address // 795 El Camino Real, Palo Alto, CA 94301

Year // 2006

Other views

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