Baños de los Cielos

About the mural

In the Triptych project Baños de los Cielos (Baths of the Heavens), sun pours in from above to fill these colorful light wells. Inviting visitors in, these spiritual gardens at the main entrance to Palo Alto Medical Foundation are a guiding light from the grayer underworld of the parking garage.

An array of ancient mosaics offer a sequential order of planets, which in most languages literally mean the days of the week. The Greek God planets symbolize a spiritual healing cycle starting with Mars, the God of War (Tuesday) and cycle through the Gods of Communication, Joviality, Love, and Harvest (Saturday). Conceptually, the pattern of enlightenment reoccurs every week. Long ago some great philosopher knew this. Homer would know.

Commissioned by // Palo Alto Medical Foundation

Site // Palo Alto Medical Foundation

Address // 795 El Camino Real, Palo Alto, CA 94301

Year // 2006

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