About the mural

In 1980 John Pugh obtained his first major commission from California State University, Chico in Northern California where he received his degree in art. Taylor Hall was to bring him international recognition and move John’s career into high gear. He realized quickly that his Trompe l’oiel style art really connected with artist and non-artist alike. Not just because it was fun to look at with its illusion of hyper-realism that would always prompted any first-time viewer to do a second take, but because great stories could be told by using this style that few artist at this time were employing, especially in a public art context.

Commissioned by // Chico State University

Site // Taylor Hall, Chico State University

Address // 400 W 1st St, Chico, CA 95929

Year // 1981

Press // Chico State muralist installs recreated piece

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